Wednesday, August 25, 2010


People sing about it, write about it, and Lord knows there are a lot of people out there who try to DEMAND it. But respect is one of those things that is not concrete. And certainly not demandable. In fact, I find that those who are demanding it, are usually the least deserving of it. I think we have all heard the saying "respect must be earned" and in a lot of ways I believe that to be true. I have been struggling with this lately. The theory of respect and what people do and do not do to gain or deserve it. My feelings and my guts tell me that respect is something that your earn from others. Not something you walk up and demand. In my book that pretty much says you have nothing to offer. That is the situation I am dealing with now. A woman, who thinks she is all that and a bag of chips and you WILL give her the respect she deserves. Problem is she doesn't deserve squat. Nada. Nothing. Granted she has a title, but like I care, and to be honest, it ain't a great title. You have done nothing to prove to me that you are capable of doing your job, or that you are even a decent human being (in fact, you have done nothing but prove the exact opposite). So the question stands...........must you respect someone based solely on title alone? Clearly THEY think they are hot sh^t. But, so what. I guess that I am from the actions speak louder than words camp. Perhaps the problem is that I am living during a time when hard work doesn't mean much. Seems that the a$$holes are the ones that not only getting ahead, but are also stomping on those who actually get the job done. While said holes take all the credit. I find it beyond unnerving. In a lot of ways it makes me feel betrayed. The odd part there, is I am not sure by whom. Clearly by the individual, but also in a lot of ways by society. After all, as a group we must in some way be allowing this to occur, by the default, that we are not putting a stop to it. So then, how do we stop it? And begin to have a true respect, that is truly deserved.

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