Thursday, August 5, 2010

I wasn't going to be THAT mom.....

Now that is a loaded title, that could be ended in about a million different ways, but today it pertains to food. More specifically, that I would never be the mom who hid the kids veggies in their meal. A couple of years ago, The Sneaky Chef book came out. It is a recipe book about sneaking veggies into your kids meals, while they chow down none the wiser. At the time my now kindergartener was 2 or 3 and would eat veggies and fruits happily. I was a little high on my horse. Needless to say, nowadays I am eating my words, and trying to figure out how to make him eat his veggies. Never imagined that a day would come when I was literally begging, threatening, and/or screaming about eating something green. Safe to say that was way back before he uttered the famous words "I am not eating that, it is green. I do not eat green things." Grrrrr. Now as we are all well aware there is plenty of advise out there for dealing with this kind of stubborn. I generally subscribe to picking my battles, and you MUST have some of everything on your plate, and you must taste everything once. I laugh my a&& off at the nutrishionistas that say "put it on their plate 10 times and they will eat it" ha, you have never met my kid. He has a gag reflex that is beyond high. I have been the victim of his vomit pyrotechnics on more than one occasion and it hardly matters where he is, at home or out at a restaurant. I hate to be hurled on!!!! So, where does that leave me? I have a 2 year old who loves salad, and a 5 year old that makes faces at it. Right now on the stove, there is a nice big pan of zucchini tacos. The kids think they are having regular tacos, I smuggled in the veggies. Damn it, I think I lost this battle.

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