Friday, July 9, 2010

A great Debate (and my 2 cents on the subject)

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to escape for an hour and go get a little pedi action! Aaaahh! Such simple joy. Lovely. So as I sit, my feet in warm swirling, bubbling water, I picked up a wrinkled copy of Cosmo or Redbook or whatever the h*ll it was and flipped thru. I was picking my way through reading the articles I found interesting when I happened across one on breastfeeding. And to my utter shock and delight it was not pro breast. Having been one of those moms who had trouble nursing, I am always bugged when the breast is best people go nuts and guilt people who do not nurse. Now I am not arguing the benefits to nursing. In fact I say if you CAN nurse, there is no better way to go. What I am bugged by are the nazi breastfeeding folks. The ones who look at you like you are neglecting your child when you do not or cannot nurse. I have said on more than one occasion that nursing may be natural, but it does not come naturally. For a lot of women it is one of the most difficult things about pregnancy and birth. I know that it was really hard for me both times. I just didn't seem to produce enough milk, and after 6 months I was pretty much dried out and my kid was hungry. I learned with my oldest that it was awesome to have a kid who would both nurse and take a bottle. I was lucky to learn that early on, of course the reason that I learned that was not so awesome, but still a good lesson. Before the boy could leave the NICU he had to take at least 24 hours straight of feedings by mouth, and since I could not be at the hospital for 24 hours straight, I just let them do the bottle. Tada, a baby who will nurse and take a bottle. So I was ready with the girl child and started her on bottles shortly after birth too. I had seen the women who were tied to their children 24/7 and more power to ya, but no thanks!!! I loved being able to go to dinner and a movie and not have to take baby too. And really while breastfeeding is cheaper, all the health benefits they swear by are NOT completely true. My daughter was straight breast milk for her first 6-7 months. She had her first ear infection at just about 4 months and continued on with them until she got tubes at 17 months. So much for the no ear infections theory. At our house that also stands true for the supposed lack of GI issues, allergies and that babies are sick less. I firmly believe that the bottom line is this........whatever works best for you and your child is what you should do. There is no harm is formula feeding a child. Nor is there anything wrong with breastfeeding. It is a very personal and individual decision. And the simple fact that it has become so extreme is very disturbing to me. In no way should anyone guilt a new mother. There is enough going on, and there is no way that you can be privy to all that mother's issues. I am proud to say that I tried and according to all the crazies out there, failed at breastfeeding! And if that means I have some insight into the difficulties into this issue, and I can make some other woman life easier, go me! By the way, the lady in the article gave up breastfeeding after her 3rd run of rock hard mastitis in 8 weeks. She switched to formula and she regained her health and sanity. Good for her!

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