Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We had the stomach flu 'round here last week. Combine that with all the rest that June has brought us, and I am pooped. Last week, quite literally. (Oh, come on, you knew I could not resist a good poop joke.) We had 3 weddings this month. Including the brother-in-law. That was the biggie, with no less than three of our family of four in the bridal party. Going, going, gone! But we are glad the newlyweds, are just that. Honeymooned and settled. Good luck and good all the wedding details that were somehow more involved than my own. And on that side of the track, sweet Hubby and I celebrate our TEN year anniversary in May. Wowzer, ten years of us. Married. I knew we were good, but wow. Ten. Ya for us. One day I might admit to how long we have been together, not just married. Still Ya for us! I keep thinking I will wake up one morning and things will slow down, and I will be able to get a grip on all the is going on around me, and I will just sit back and watch it all happen for just one day. And then I get up, get my cup of coffee, and make it to the couch just in time for my sister-in-law to drop off her two and drop the bomb that they are walking! On their own. So much for taking it all in, I am now wrangling one year old twins! Who not only walk, but can climb stairs. And while I do not want to miss one second of them, or of my own two. I still want to sit back and take it all in. So I booked a flight to Vegas with my 2 best friends. Best friend #3 is having a baby soon, and cannot make this trip. Next year, Longy, next year, I swear. So soon, but not soon enough, I will take Shorty, and Skinny and Myself and jump on a plane and jet away for a few days of mommy rejuvenation. I am literally counting the days. And on one of those days, I am going to sit my ass by the pool with a good book and a notepad. So I can jot down the random thoughts of my sweet kiddies that pop into my head. And get lost in the book, because I can! But first, Hubby will be off to see if he can catch us some fish we will not eat. But he works hard for us. Really hard, and he deserves a break too. So off to the great white North to commune with nature. And his dad and brother and Conquedoor.

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  1. I don't think life will ever slow down again:( I wish we booked a flight for July!