Friday, June 11, 2010

Adults Only

Get your mind out of the gutter! This is not going to be about what you think! I was flipping through today and read about this Justin Beiber kid getting kicked out of the adults only section of a movie theater, after he sneaked down to the section, and then once he was removed, he was heard to be pouting about not being allowed there. First of all kid, you are 16. You are NOT an adult. Therefore you are NOT going to be allowed into an adults only section. Period. Congratulations, on being famous. Now figure this out. No one in the real world gives a flying fart in space. And none of us think this should afford you any special rights or privileges. Believe it or not, there are adults who want to spend time going place stupid, whiny teenie boppers are not allowed. Yep, that right. I am telling you straight up, that sometimes we just don't want to deal with you. And as evidenced by your whining, you clearly are not an adult. Not soley based on the whining, but by the whole event. Also, you little turd, in case you were wondering, there are these things called laws, and though I am not sure of the legalese in the area to which the theater is located, it is truly possible that the theater could be in trouble for your twit headed actions. And I am sure that the manager likes being employed and hardly is willing to loose their livelihood for some zit faced kid. Famous or not.

One night a week my husband and I try to get away for date night. It is usually a slower night, one in which we can LEAVE the kids with one of their sets of grandparents, and we can go , eat our own food, and have a reasonable conversation. These nights are important to us and usually we do not go to the likes of what I would consider family restaurants. We save those for the days when we have the kids with us. So I do get a little snarky when they try to seat us next to a table of children, and on more than one occasion I have not accepted a table based on that fact alone. For some grown ups, especially parents, getting out is an occasion. Whether it once a week or once a month, it is time for us to be grown ups and not have to deal with kids. Be them 2 or 17. I think this is why I am so irritated with the child and his behavior. You can argue with me all you want, but he is a kid. Famous or not a KID. Not an adult. And good grief, if I was the parent of a child who wanted your next single my response would be HELL NO! I refuse to add to your arrogance. So until you are 21 dear Justin, keep your hiney where it belongs, and that is NOT in the adults only area!


  1. Are you serious....that kid is 16. I thought he was 12!

  2. I agree, and apparently he is acting 12!