Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting Horizontal

Oh get your minds out of the gutter. Its nothing like that. Though not even I would put it past me to post about THAT. This is not it. If you are disappointed, I am concerned. I have a disease, it is passed in my family line. Don't believe me, ask Maimy she will agree. If I see a flat surface, I will stack on it, and not just mildly. I will stack me a good pile. I try so very hard to control my urges, when I do finally get things mostly under control, which I try to do, like, ya know, every freakin' day, it never fails that someone (husband or child, or okay ME) will mess the whole thing up. My husband hates our kitchen island. And really so do I. I hate that it seems to always be stacked with any and everything. Toys, papers, cereal boxes, bread. You name it, I can probably find it for you on the island. It is a constant source of shame and really, anger. I love our house. I HATE!! my kitchen. HATE I tell you. I have since the day we bought the house. We bought the house with the intentions of remodeling the kitchen in the first 5 years. Well since we will have been in our house for 6 years this November, it is safe to say we have beyond missed our deadline. I am going to continue telling myself.....soon, one day soon!! Over the years I have learned that this stacking problem can be controlled better when everything has a place that it lives. That would be the fundamental problem with my kitchen. For someone who loves to cook, and has all the toys to go with that, I have the worst kitchen ever. I have a great kitchen for my mother-in-law, who bless her heart, would rather eat out than cook. I do not have a kitchen for someone who wants to spend hours creating a perfect cake or 6 part dinner. I have nearly zero counter space and what I have pretty much has all the stuff on it that I do not have any cupboard space for. It just is crap. We knew it, but we loved the rest of the house. So maybe one day a kitchen remodel and a dream of non-stacked counters.......Ah, hell, who am I kidding, I will always stack on a flat surface. Do they have an AA program for that.....Stackers Anonymous. Sign me up.

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  1. If you happen to find a Stackers Anonymous...I would like to begin by stating, "Hello, my name is Maimy. I have a stacking problem. I have a terrible horizontal surface cleanliness deficit:("