Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Grief

I think I must be failing as a mother and wife. I have no desire to clean up after everyone in this house. I do not wake up every morning and wonder which disaster I will be able to get to clean up today. I will probably scream if one more person tells me that it wasn't them. Well for h#ll sakes it sure wasn't me, but I am the one cleaning it all up.

Clearly I am in need of a new teaching tool. Asking falls flat. Yelling just pisses me off more. And threatening any and or all of them is a waste of my breath.

I mean really if you trip over something, pick it up and put it away. Don't look at it and shrug. It will not be moving on its own. If there is a nicely laid out stack of fresh laundry on the bed, hang it up or put it in the drawer instead of moving it to another location. I mean hello! If I could not get it put away the first time what in the world makes you think I desire to touch it 50 more times. Is it so much to ask that you hang up a jacket and not throw it on the railing and then ask me where it went. Because all that makes me want to do is light the jacket (and maybe you) on fire.

So why I ask you, does this make me doubt my abilities? Because there is one of two (okay maybe both) things happening here. I am doing way to much for your lazy a$$es or I have not made it clear what I expect out of you. So I guess that is going to be changing. There are going to be new rules in this house. And I have a feeling it is going to get UGLY! pretty darn fast.

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