Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcome Back.

One might assume I fell off the face of the planet. No such luck. Just been super busy. And really find me a mom who isn't.

We have had some big birthdays here. The boy turned 6 a few months back and the girl just turned 3 within the past few weeks. Crazy. I swear every year goes faster than the last. We celebrated the big winter holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and all that goes with that. I had a birthday, creeping ever closer to that "mid-thirties" mark.

We have all had some form of illness, which I suppose goes with the winter weather, currently, the girl is nursing a horrible chest cold. No fun at all. Add that to the strep, stomach flu and just nasty head colds that we have all suffered from in one form or another and I am beyond ready for spring to be here. As soon as everyone is mostly healthy, I think it will be time for the girl to have the tubes out of her ears. I am both excited and scared for her for that. I want her to be healthy, and be able to take swimming lessons this summer. We shall see.

I got a new job. Like I have the time, or really needed it, but it is with an organization I really believe in, so I took it when they asked. It has been good for me, and I think I must say I am happy to be working. I feel good and productive. Being a mom is awesome, but I like to work part-time. After awhile at home, I just get frustrated. Same dishes, same bills, same laundry. Bleh.

Hope that your 2011 is off to a great start. I hope to be more diligent about posting. Only time will tell how that goes.

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