Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sometimes, you get what you asked for.......

Have you heard the horribly annoying song "Friday" by Rebecca Black. Oh my. First time I heard it, I was a little confuse as to why any record company would make such a video. Not long after I got my answer. Her mommy and daddy paid big bucks to make the video because Rebecca wants to be a pop star. Now, she has made another video, which I don't recall the name of that is out. Now this little sweetie is out there on all the "celebrity" shows whining and complaining that she was bullied out of school. First, let me state emphatically that it is never okay to bully anyone. Child or adult. Kids are doing stupid crap these days. What once would have been settled with fisticuffs now involves actual weapons, which is just insane. There was a story in the news not long ago about a kid getting stabbed over an ipod. Kids used to be mean, now they are dangerous (at least some of them are). That said, you out to know by now I believe in personal responsibility. And I am wondering at what point some of the treatment towards Rebecca, is not part of the cost of the celebrity she seems to so desperately be seeking. I am wondering if mommy and daddy forgot to tell her, before they signed the big check for the (eek!) music video, that it would not all be sunshine and butterflies. That there would be critics. Harsh critics. Mean critics. I think mommy and daddy forgot one thing about giving baby girl everything she ever wanted. Baby girl just might end up whiny and ungrateful. I do not pretend to know these people, nor what they are thinking. But I do wonder. I wonder why they didn't spend the $$$$ on some voice lessons. Why they did not invest in their child directly. My kid wants to be a tennis star, but that doesn't mean I paid for him to play at the US Open. It means we are working on lessons and skills and seeing where it goes. My other child seems to be interested in dance. So we are starting at the beginning with lessons and performance
opportunities. Do we not start with the basics anymore? I don't expect my 3 year old who doesn't yet know the alphabet to read chapter books. It just doesn't work that way. And I wonder also if we are not confusing an ability to sing or desire to preform with an urge to be famous.

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