Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pee'd Off!

oh, it's a good one to start these rantings off on the right foot. And no it is not a typo. I was pee'd off not tee'd off. It is Sunday, some may consider that a day of rest, but for me, it can be my bust my hump and start the week off on the right foot day. Today has been that day. Grocery list made and ready to hit the store as soon as my mom gets here so I can go solo. Have I told you I love my mom.....I do, LOTS! Along those lines, the menu for the week is also ready. Along with a new recipe for Vanilla Pudding Cinnamon Rolls, I am so excited to try these. I will post them on my recipe blog after I make them and can tell you about them in detail. So on to the cleaning. My kitchen floor was in need of a good steam, so I got to it. Swept the whole thing and steam mopped it. Done and Dandy. Then I thought, rather foolishly, since I have this steam mop out, why not tackle the tiny little water closet (read potty room) in the master bath. The room itself literally only holds the toilet, I cannot even stand in it and open my arms all the way, but that "room" is the bain of my existence. It is gets used alot. Even by the small people in this house. And despite my call that bathrooms are to be cleaned by those who pee ON then and not in them, I find that I am the one cleaning them lately. So, since I had the steam mop out and could not stand the closet anymore, I got to work. And it was as nasty as I anticipated. Gross is not enough! There was pee every where, in the usual places of course,but also in places I could only imagine. I do not know how 2 people (the husband and the son) can get it everywhere! It was down the front of the toilet and running down the sides and back. But it was also ALL over the floor and even splattered on the garbage can and the floor boards, I wish I could have just used a garden hose to clean the whole thing down. But I got the job done thanks to a roll of paper towels, box of baby wipes and some really good smelling method bathroom cleaner. Really guys, if you cannot get it in the water, sit the hell down. Next time I am going to use your tooth brush to clean it up and not tell you.

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  1. Ha ha......we had a friend over the other day. He had to use our bathroom. I asked him to make sure he hit the shower curtain as well as the floor behind the toilet so that he fit in with the fam.