Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are You Kidding?

I wrote this a while back on my family blog, but I am re-posting it here. And yes, I do still fell this way.

We have been planning a trip to Disneyland for about 6 months now. And the day is dawning fairly soon when we will board our plan and fly out of our muck and into the muck of Southern California. In final preparations for our trip, I purchased our tickets to mouseland. I was excited. I get an awesome deal. I mean steal of a deal! It was great. I decided to whip out my (said credit card) that I had not used in nearly a YEAR! I bought my tickets, got my confirmation from the mouse and was feeling pretty good. The I got another email. This one from (said credit card), telling me they had lowered my line of credit by a huge chunk! I admit to carrying a balance, but I have NEVER had a late payment or missed a payment. I bought my tickets online, and I try very hard to not use my checking account credit card when making online purchases. I would prefer if someone were to hack my information that they not have my main account info. I would really prefer my account not to be hacked at all, but I can watch my (said credit card) far more closely because we do not use it all that often. Anyway, it took (said credit card) less than 30 minutes to send me that email from the moment of my purchase. I am so not impressed. My balance has had the majority of the lowered balance available for over a year and certainly for the past 6 months, and now they choose to smack me. Something is fishy, and my (said credit card) will be payed off ASAP and left to sit in a drawer. I will not support a company that does not support me. I don't care if you are a grocery store, credit card company or car care center, if you treat me like crap, I will not grace you with my $$ or my time. That you can be sure of, maybe if we start by putting our collective foot down and not putting up with this crap, we will be not only better off financially, but also it is a tiny moral victory! Maybe then these mega-corporations will learn that they should be taking care of their customers more and their CEO's a little less.

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