Friday, February 10, 2012

Really, Really Bad Things

The world is filled with good things and bad things. And once in a while really bad things. Really, really BAD things. Last weekend, a man killed his children and himself. I am not going to put his name here. For me, it is not worth mentioning. Those 2 precious boys however, they deserve a mention. The deserve to be remembered as (what I am guessing) were sweet, precious boys who had their whole lives ahead of them. Heaven only knows what their futures would have held, they were only 5 and 7 years old. Despite the harsh realities of a missing mother (most would guess she was killed by the boys murderer) they were surrounded by people who loved them. Who wanted them to grow into whatever their potential held. Maybe they would have been good men, fathers, a doctor, a police detective, a social worker, a dump truck driver. Maybe a teacher or a pilot. But last Sunday, all that potential was snuffed out by one individual and his selfishness. For me there is no other way to describe their father's actions. Pure and simple selfish and evil. I believe in a God who is good and forgiving. But I also believe there are certain things that cannot be forgiven, no matter how much one repents or begs for forgiveness, and killing your children, that is one of those things.
Be at Peace sweet boys. I hope you didn't suffer, or realize what was happening. I hope you left this world not knowing who ended your short lives. I hope....well there are many thing I hope for you, but really I just wish you Peace.

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