Sunday, November 27, 2011

Feeding a six year old

The boy child is driving me insane. He has decided he is no longer willing to eat ANY vegetables. If he thinks it has vegetables he will not eat it. He is willing to fight to tears about this. Dinner last night took him almost 2 hours and he only at 3 bites. I am at my wits end. I can tell he is not getting what he needs He is grumpy and not sleeping really well. What is a mom to do? I guess it is time for tough love. No treats, no Slurpee's and a whole lotta grief from him. But he will eat like he should. This is not a meat only house. We started this morning with oatmeal (which by the way I will not eat) and he ate half of his serving, only after whimpering about it but still he ate it. I am not going to starve the child, but I am no longer willing to fight about dinner (or any meal for that matter). Is this just his way of having control? Is he just being a grump? Someone help.......because I might have a nervous breakdown before too long.

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