Monday, March 5, 2012

THIS life

Do you ever get those people who look at you and try to figure out how YOU got to where you are? Good or bad? My cute husband and I have a pretty darn good life. One that is fairly comfortable and a relationship that is mostest excellent. And it makes me freaking nuts when people look at me and give me the "how did YOU end up in such a place" look. I assume they mean good place. I would guess they are talking about happily married with a nice house, 2 cute kids, and an SUV in the garage which I like to drive to Disneyland. It makes me crazy that anyone would second guess how we got to where we are in life. We are decent people and we are happy. We know there are jobs that pay more. We know there are bigger houses. We know that it would be possible to have more children (well in theory anyway). But here is the thing, we like where we are. I dare say we are content. We like being able to do things, go places. We like our time together. We like being able to plan a trip and take it. I get mad when people try to claim my life as theirs....I once had someone tell me they loved my house and when she had one like it she was going to make a "few" changes to make it better. It took everything in my power to not punch her. Don't give me backhanded compliments. Don't try to figure out how I may not go to church on Sunday but I am still a great person. I work with charities not because someone told me I should, but because I believe in making a difference. We are active in making a difference and not just with a money but with time and effort. We work dang hard to keep the life we love. We work at our relationship. We talk to each other, good or bad. We work through the hard stuff. Because when we said "I do" we really meant for better or worse, no matter what. Because with out the hard stuff, the good stuff is not near as good. We sometimes have to make the hard choices. We worry about growing our children into responsible people. Those who do not expect the world handed to them. To be adults who work hard and are dependable. Not those who are waiting for a handout. We have had and have great support and great love. And a lot of hard work. That is how we have THIS life. And THIS life, is THE life.

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