Friday, March 19, 2010

How Safe Is Your Garage?

So a while back on my family blog I jumped up on my soapbox about how just because your car is in your garage, that does not mean that your stuff is safe. I made the original post after reading a blog post about a woman whose car was stole with the mother lode inside. Keys, purse, camera, ipod, etc. I found it crazy that anyone would leave their keys in their car when they are not driving. I then discovered that a number of people I know did the same thing. Wow! And this week, another friend of mine had her purse stolen out of her car that was parked in her garage. Ohmyhell! Stop leaving your crap in your car! Even if it is in the garage and the door is closed. You are asking for trouble! And I do not even want to imagine how much work it is to go through the whole process of replacing everything in my purse. I am not trying to lecture that I am better than you, just trying to get the word out that YOUR GARAGE IS NOT AS SAFE AS YOU THINK IT IS!!! Don't make it easy for the crooks. Don't make it worth their while. And good hell, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CRAP IN YOUR CAR!! And sad as it is, it is not safe. You are not saving yourself anything in the long run. Wait, I take that back, you will be saving yourself the hassle and time of trying to clear your good name and replace all of your stuff!


  1. AMEN, thank you for saying what is so obvious to me.

  2. that reminds me.......I need to go get my social security card off of my dash.....