Thursday, May 6, 2010


No secret I am not a toothpick. Never have been and never will be. I enjoy working out, dancing, being on the go, but rarely seem to have the time or the energy once I am finished being mom. Recently it seems, lots of my friends have started running. For fun. I really do not understand that. I cannot recall a time when I enjoyed running. In fact, I think running should be saved for those times when it is absolutely necessary. Like perhaps saving your child or trying to get away from a man with a knife. You know, really important times. It has been an adventure to "watch" my friends run. I usually learn of their trials through blogs and verbal stories. And to be honest, about half of them have ended in injury and pain. Is it because we are not so young anymore? (I am not about to say we are OLD! Seriously were you waiting for that?) I am really not sure. But this seems to be true, at least for my group of friends, none of their knees are willing to cooperate. At least one girl (or is it woman) has crashed hard, and the other told me a tale that involved at least one trip to the doctor. Ouch! That doesn't sound like fun to me at all. I admire you, my running friends, but I hardly expect to be found among your ranks. So maybe do a lap for me, and if you need a cheering section, give me a call. I am really good at that!

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